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DJI Spark,Android,camera problem

Hello! I have looked at the support site, but I didn’t find something similar. I have an Android phone with Pix4Dcapture installed in it. Also a DJI Spark with its RC. Before 2-3 months I made a freeflight mission with no problem. These days I am trying to launch a mission, but I have no camera connection (just black screen in camera window) although during the checking before the mission starts, the camera is ok. When I fly the drone, it takes every X meters pictures,the RC can move the camera in any direction, but if I can’t see on my mobile phone what is capturing, it is a free flight on very hard mode. Can you provide me with some options to check, so I can fix my problem?

Hi Giannis,

Thank you for your feedback. In case of unexpected behavior, we suggest having a look at all the troubleshooting and basic checks steps that are described in this article in our support website. It will enable to solve most of the issues that can occur.