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DJI SDK error

Since the last update, the message appears: "DJI SDK error: Attempt to invoke virutal method’java.lang.String
dji.common.product.Model.getDispalyName () ‘on a null object reference.’
Android version: 6.0.1

Hi Manuel,

First, you could proceed with the basic checks we describe here. This article helps troubleshoot most app issues.

Also, it is important that the drone app (e.g. DJI GO 4) does not run at the same time as Pix4Dcapture. The SDK (programming tools that allow the communication between the drone and an app) cannot interact with both at the same time. Therefore it is essential to make sure the drone app is not running in the background especially after connecting the device to the drone. Learn more how to force quit an app here

If your issue is persisting, I would need the following information.
▸ Drone’s brand and model.
▸ Camera (if not default).
▸ Mobile device’s brand and model.
▸ Version of the mobile device’s operating system (ideally the latest).
▸ If possible, a screenshot of the error message. 
▸ When does the error message appear?

Please also send the following log files: Pix4Dmapper.logpix4dcapture.logctrl_dji.log. The procedure is described here:
You can user a file sharing service of your choice and post a link in this thread.

I look forward to your response.