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DJI Mavic Pro, Images floues


Nous avons procédé à deux vols avec notre drone (DJI Mavic Pro). Les photos du deuxième vol sont corrects et nous pourrons les exploiter. En revanche, les photos du premier vols sont toutes floues, et donc inexploitables. On dirait que le drone n’a pas fait la mise au point (problème d’autofocus?). Avez-vous une solution pour éviter que le problème ne se reproduise? Comment se fait-il que le deuxième vol se soit déroulé correctement (paramètres dupliqués du premier vol) ? Je vous joint une photo de ce premier vol afin que vous puissiez vous rendre compte du problème.

Merci pour votre réponse 

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My guess would be to slow down the flight but then again the Mavic isn’t the best camera in the world either.  The only 100% way to get this right is to buy a drone and camera that has manual F-stop and manual focus so you can control the depth of field yourself, otherwise the auto-focus can always get it wrong and you might not know until off-site.

I could agree with you if I haven’t t done a lot of flights with this drone without any problem like this. And the problem doesn’t seems so difficult to repair… A lot of people a complaining for the same problem, on Phantom too. If the app is not compatible with mavic pro, I can understand but they should tell us.

For precision, I did second flight just after ans it was perfect. It’s seems to be a software problem…

I am sure it is a DJI issue because Pix4Dcapture would just be telling the drone to autofocus via the SDK and then hope it works. Pix4D can only control what the SDK gives access to the hardware. I am sure Pix4D will look into it but I am 99% sure it is a DJI issue.

I have exactly the same problem with my Mavic Pro. First flight with Double Grid 3D capture gave images completely out of focus which was not possible to process. Second flight, without any changes at all done, except changing to Cicular 3D capture, gave good images that was processed on the cloud with somehow acceptable result. Third flight, without any changes at all and still in Circular 3D capture but with bigger rayon, gave again images completely out of focus.

I’m having a trial version of the Pix4D mapper and want to use the software on profesionnal basis. I can not accept that 2 time of three, I end up with blurry images. Please let me know what parameters to use in DJI GO 4 and in Pix4D to acheive correct images on each flight ?

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I have now made a second mapping with Circular and Doubler Grid 3D mapping. This time I have put the focus in manual mode with DJI GO4 before starting the 3D mapping. The results were much better but it’s not easy to adjust the focus in manual mode on the field.

However, it would be nice to have a software update that will fix this issue in automatic mode for mapping with Mavic Pro drone…


We would need Pix4D to confirm but I am pretty sure they override any settings in DJI GO app.