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DJI Mavic 2 Zoom support

So for me it’s not working. Still can’t find the Android Verison 4.9.0 and on the 4.8. Version the Zoom is not connecting with the app.

For android, download ctrl + dji and run through it, and automatically determined on ios.

Для android скачай ctrl+dji и запускай через него, а на ios автоматически определяеться.

Hello to all of you. I bought recently the 2 zoom. Especially for topographical surveys. But I can’t find the version to the list of pix4d. Someone who can help? I would really appreciate it. I have an android 9.1

Hello from Greece. I bought the 2 zoom without check if works with pix4d. I cant find the way to work with this device. Can you please help me. Thank you in advance.

Pix4d официально не работает с mavic 2 zoom, но в ctrl+dji он определяеться. Ctrl+dji это программа на android, для работы с pix4d.