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Dji M600pro circular mission

Are there any plans to support the Dji M600pro to fly circular missions?

Hi Dario,

The DJI Matrice 600 is only compatible with Pix4Dcapture on iOS and the circular mission is already implemented:

Please, double check that you selected the M600 drone in the general settings of the app and that you are able to see the “Circular” mission in the main menu:


Hi Blaž,

I saw that M600 is supported, but only with DJI cameras.

I use a Sony and when I chose the M600 + Sony, there is no Circular mission option.


DJI cameras are hardly good for professional mapping purposes, so Pix4D should be possible to deal with non-DJI DSLRs. 

With other apps having this option, I don’t see why that would not be possible in Pix4D.


Best regards

Indeed, when selecting a custom camera, circular and free flight missions are not available anymore in the main menu.

I have forwarded this request to the team in charge in order to consider the implementation of the circular mission while using a custom camera.





thank you for that, I hope they’ll get some results soon. This is a needed featuer.


Best regards