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Matrice 600 pro Canon 5D

 I am NOT getting my camera recognized by the Pix4d Capture app.  The M600 flies a perfect flight path but it will NOT take any photos.  When I press the camera feed button at the top of the screen, it switches over to a black/empty screen on my Android tablet.  All firmware is up to date.  The DJI go app allows me to get a live video feed, but the Pix4D capture app does NOT.  Please help.

HI Garren,

Matrice 600 is fully supported with DJI cameras, X3, X5, XT. If you mount another camera, it cannot be triggered by Pix4Dcapture but you will have to use a timer to take images at regular intervals.

For more information about the supported hardware:

In the meantime, I have reported your need to our app product manager.