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DJI Matrice 600 with X3 Camera & Pix4dCapture


I have connected a DJI Matrice pro 600 with Zenmuse X3 Camera to Pix4Capture in my iPad and the video of the camera is not displayed in the application when I open the camera’s display. However with DJI Go the video of the camera looks perfectly.

Why can this problem be caused?

Best regards


Hi Miguel,

The DJI Matrice Pro 600 drone with the X3 camera is compatible with our app, so we will troubleshoot together to see what the issue is. First, ensure you updated the necessary applications:

  • iOS version on your iPad
  • Pix4Dcapture, Ctrl+DJI and DJI GO.
  • the drone’s and the controller’s firmware.

Also, it is important that the drone app (e.g. DJI GO 4) does not run at the same time as Pix4Dcapture. The SDK (programming tools that allow the communication between the drone and an app) cannot interact with both at the same time. Therefore it is essential to make sure the drone app is not running in the background especially after connecting the device to the drone. Learn more how to force quit an app here

Let me know if the issue persists.

Hi Rhéa

All the applications are updated to lasted versions, and DJI matrice 600 firmware too.

In all cases, DJI GO (not DJI Go 4, because it do not recognize this Matrice 600) dows not run at the same time. I have take care about it.

Attached send two images, one with DJI Go and Pix4DCapture snapshot showing that with DJI Go i can show video from X3 camera and with Pix4DCapture not.

Another related issue is that Pix4DCapture does not connect to DJI Matrice if it is not removed and the USB cable is put on the dji lightbridge 2 remote controller.

The issue persists.

In the DJI Matrice 600 we have mounted an auxiliary camera that can do FPV while the main one (X3, X5, etc …) works, but it is configured that the video that delivers is that of the X3.

Thank you

Miguel A

Thank you for attaching the screenshots.

There were some other users reporting a similar issue, but we do not have more information or a possible workaround at this point. 

Could you also share the .log files, together with the time and hour of the test, so we can have a look? More on how to extract .logs can be found here.


Hi Blaz

Please find the log file in the link


Miguel A

I have forwarded the log file for investigation and I will update this post once we have more news. 

@Miguel, @Poly, we checked the .log files and were not able to detect anything unusual that could point out why are you facing this issue.

The current status is that the live view is not displayed in Pix4Dcapture but is, on the other hand, working as expected in the DJI GO app. We do not expect that this has any influence on the image triggering while the drone is in the mission. 

It might be related to some specific setting in the DJI GO app or it could just be a glitch in the current drone firmware. 

Let’s also see if there are more users reporting the same issue to exclude the possibility of an issue that is related to only specific drone configuration. 


This has been an issue for us for about a year using our M600 & Zenmuse X3 camera.  FPV works in the DJI GO App and will not work in Pix4D Capture App.  The X3 will also not work in the Litchi App, we believe the issue is firmware related to the camera.  We did an update last spring to the camera firmware and ever since then, we have not had FPV displayed during flights:-(

Dear Pix4D members


We have the same problems as described above. No FPV from the Pix4D app using a DJI Zenmuse X3 camera. Any solution?



I have a question…why does anybody need the FPV in the Pix4Dcapture app (not counting the manual flight mode that obviously needs the video feed)?  I have used it a couple times with my P3A but it seems like a useless feature that eats up real-time telemetry bandwidth.  For me there isn’t anything that a live FPV would do as I am not adjusting or correcting anything during the Pix4Dcapture mission.  I suppose it might be “nice” to see what the camera sees but I haven’t found a “need” for the live FPV.

You are right Adam, but it might be useful to do some little gimbal / camera adjustment  while flying, as you said . In case of aborting the mission for some unexpected reason, obtaining manual control could also require FPV depending of the situation.  In addition, not having FPV even when it is supported can add some concern to DJI owners who rely on Pix4DCapture for mapping purposes. Who knows if there are other problems not so obvious  that could compromise the flight?

@Adam, It is beneficial to be able to see the ground control points when viewing the FPV.  Since there is no lat/lon or kml input, sometimes you are guessing where the project boundaries should be!

Well I am still confused because the Pix4Dcapture app runs 100% autonomous after mission setup so why is seeing the camera view during flight helpful?  Yes I like to review the pictures too to make sure the area of interest is captured but that is of no use during the actual mission.  And as far as manual flight for aborting a mission or a battery change, even in DJI GO I wouldn’t be using the camera view but keeping the drone in VLOS to manually fly safely.

Sure it is a cool feature but I don’t think that work will stop for not having the FPV within a Pix4Dcapture mission (not free-flight of course).  For me the bug on flight speed is much bigger because that truly stops work and renders the use of a custom camera impossible.

At the same time don’t take this to mean that I don’t want Pix4D to fix this issue…I am just trying to understand how having the FPV is critical to the mission when other remaining issues are total job stoppers.

Sight surveys, mission planning and preparation have benefited me most.

Using fpv for minor fine tuning as Jesus and Thomas mentioned, ok, but not so much during mission collection.

Adams techniques are common and work very well with the COTS hardware we all use.

Most systems use independent channels (Command & Control, Telemetry & Video) in a a single wideband modulated carrier aka Common Data Link or CDL.

A graphical depiction of shutter release for vertical missions would be nice


@Adam - it seems to me you feel like the fpv is more of a gimmick than a required feature… and you are right for many scenarios in which you rely and trust in automated missions for everything. However, we work often over water or in locations with some obstacles like trees or light posts… taking off and landing manually is a must, and fpv may be crucial.

Another aspect is thet if, for any reason, there is a gps signal loss, the automated mission does not function and, as such, it is crucial to take over… if you are 200 m away, no gps… fpv is your best chance to pilot and land safely, no?


As such, my question remains, on whether there is a solution in sight?





Whatever maybe interfering with 1.2ghz may or could also affect 2.4/5.8 control link. By design the first symptom of link integrate manifests itself in the video link because of the bandwidth needed, control and telemetry use comparatively small amount of bandwidth.

Keep in mind that the more data push over any frequency directly affects the effective operational range of those transmitters.

Joao, I am not trying to make light of the FPV as it is a feature and should work correctly.  Personally I don’t see it as a critical component to my workflow even if I have to takeover manual control as the FAA is pretty clear on using VLOS and not FPV as the primary vision tool.

Based on what I have seen over the past 2 years, M600 support is pretty far down on the list…