Flight Issue - Matric 600 Pro + DJI Go + Pix4d Capture

Hello i am looking for some help here and hopefully someone has similar experience to share.

Date: May 6th, 2023

I have a Matric 600 Pro with zenmuse XT (color + thermal dual sensor). I used DJI go and Pix4D capture. I believe i have downloaded the latest version of firmware and apps available from DJI and Pix4D capture

The following is what i run into.

I was able to connect the drone with remote controller, DJI go app, and Pix4D capture. Preflight scanning at Pix4D capture was no problem. So i start the flight.

A couple errors happened, the drone was not following the designed flight path and returned home in the middle of the flight, then the resume button appear and ask to resume the flight. I click resume then the drone flight the same route it has flied before returning home. so it is not finishing the flight at all.
I had to stop it and relaunch a different flight plan. same thing happened. Once it showed an error message saying no image was generated in the sim card.

I have another drone which is Mavic 2 pro, and i was able to use dji go 4 and pix4d capture to collect data without problem.

I have also tested the Matric 600 pro manually without the Pix4D capture app, i can collect images and videos using buttons on the remote controllers without the problem, data was save in the sim card. It seems that communication between the remote controller and the drone was fine and the sensors were able to generate images and save them in the sim card.

It turns out when i go home that the images both color and thermal were captured and saved in the sim card. but there is not pix4d project document generated and the mission was not completed.

I am wondering what might be the issue? I suspect the communication issue between dji go and pix4d capture is the cause but i can’t seem to get it fixed.

I saw somewhere in this forum that i should turn off DJI go while using Pix4d capture, is this required? Because i also saw other say that you have to keep DJI go on in order to use Pix4D capture. I am not sure if this has been the reason of the cause.

Anyone can share some ideas on what might be going wrong?Thank you very much.

Update: the camera that i have is Zenmuse XT2. After checking Pix4D’s compatible list, it does say that while Pix4dCapture is compatible with Matrice 600 but Pix4D capture is not compatible with Zenmuse XT2 camera. It did say pix4d mapper is compatible with Zenmuse XT2 camera though. My question then is how do i collect data without Pix4d capture? Obvious pix4d mapper is only a desktop program to process the data collected by Pix4d capture.

Hi wli,

Welcome to the community!

We recently released our latest PIX4Dcatch Pro, and invite you to check it out.

Remember that most Pix4D software is image acquisition apps agnostic. That means Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dcloud, Pix4Dmatic, Pix4Dreact, and Pix4Dfields can process images taken virtually from any application (image acquisition app) as long as they are of good quality and overlap. So, you can use any other image acquisition app and still process the images using our Photogrammetry software.

For more information, visit the below support article on Which image acquisition app can I use with Pix4D’s software?