Display notice/warning - Read-Only vs. Edit/Save

Good Morning,
Our usage of Pix4d Cloud is growing quickly since upgrading to Advanced and taking advantage of the design overlays.

When I set up a project, I leave shortcut links in our project folders for the read-only URL and the edit/save URL, so that my coworkers to disseminate them how they see fit.

There have been a few times that someone thought they were using the edit link, but they were actually using the read-only link and wasted an hour of time because they lost the annotations they were making.
I think the easiest way to help resolve this issue would be to display some sort of notification to the user that they’re in one mode or the other.

Hello Derrick,

Thank you for your message.

When a share link in read mode is open, there is a message in the lower right corner that says Read-only:

When the link is in edit mode, the same corner says “All Changes saved” and “saving…” after an annotation has been done.

That is the way we believe is the best to have more space in the viewer and avoid occluding information.


Ahh, thanks Daniel. I never saw that text before. I showed this to 2 of the engineers that have been using this stuff and both of them felt it would be helpful to make that more obvious as well. One of them suggested a splash-screen when it’s first opened.

I’ll make a quick graphic to explain how it’s set up right now and start leaving it in the same folder as the links, though.


Hi Derrick,

Thank you for your suggestion about a splash screen.

Feel free to provide us with any other feedback at anytime. :slight_smile:

Rosana (she/her)