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Display issue - Cannot center the image with mouse

I’m having trouble viewing Greetings, thank you in advance for any help. I need to edit my cloud of points, but I’m having problems with visualization, note in the photo below that the spatial orientation is a bit out of place, so I click on a location but the action is well off, I can not center the image at the mouse pointer . I have already closed and opened the file n times, I have restarted the computer several times and it is not resolved. Any suggestion? Thank you.

In this image note the pix cursor far from the mouse pointer …


I believe this is the same issue as in this post. For convenience I will copy the answer from the other post: 

"This seems to be a display issue. Can you try this out and let me know if it works: 
Right-click on the pix4dmapper.exe file, 
select the Compatibility tab and 
enable ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’: the checkbox below should be checked.


Let us know if that solved the problem. Thanks!

Eu agradeço Pierangelo pelo pronto atendimento, são estas atitudes que fazem o Pix4D o líder do seguimento e o melhor índice de satisfação dos usuários.

Eu não cheguei a usar a sua solução, mas resolvi então vou compartilhar o que fiz.

No momento que estava tendo problemas, eu estava com minha área de trabalho do windows duplicada, utilizando 2 monitores. Então eu desabilitei a duplicação de tela e o problema se resolveu.

Fica aí então mais esta solução.

Mais uma vez obrigado.

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Thank you Daniel! For your positive feedback and for sharing the solution you have found. Glad to hear the problem is solved. All the best!