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Desktop 4.4.10 (not responding)

I am new to pix4d and have the most recent version (4.4.10). I had used the trial version and liked it so I purchased the model license. When I open the program and go to start a new project I get to the “Select Output Coordinate” page and after clicking next the program locks up and I get a (Not Responding). I have done this numerous times which led to a complete uninstall and clean install. However I still can not get past this page.

Any advice?

Apologies if this has been addressed before I couldn’t find it in the forum. 

Thank you,


Hi Brad,

One of our users had a similar problem - Pix4Dmapper was hanging at Select Output Coordinate System.

It turned out that when you don’t properly uninstall the software - you forget to delete some system files, the problem occurs.

After deleting those files, and reinstalling Pix4D, the errors went away.

Did you follow our instruction on how to completely uninstall Pix4D Desktop?

If not, can you give it a try and let me know how it goes?