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Pix4D Freezes at 'Select Output Coordinate System' Page

Hi there,

has anyone had an issue where Pix4D freezes at the ‘Select Output Coordinate System’ Page when setting up a new project?

This has been happening to me for the last couple of weeks, and I cannot figure out why this is happening. 

I have experimented with small amount of photos, large amounts, new projects, and trying to re-process older projects that have worked in the past.

Every so often when I am clicking around aimlessly on this ‘Select Output Coordinate System’ Page, an invisible button clicks, and Pix4D goes right into processing, yet none of the report data shows up, just a blank window. 

Some methods I have tried to over come this have been uninstalling and re-installing pix4d, and increasing my virtual RAM.

Has anyone had this issue, or have any ideas why this might be happening?

I have had to resort to using a co-worker’s computer to process my latest images and Pix4D worked flawlessly. Highly frustrating. 



So it turns out that I did not delete all of the Pix4D related files when uninstalling Pix4D from my computer.

I found these instruction online:


After following these instructions and successfully re-installing Pix4D, my errors went away. Still not sure what went wrong, but it is now working.