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Differences between Pix4Dcapture iOS and Android versions.

i am a First time user

i see that it a previous version ios v2.8.0 you have much more options to choose from in the advanced mode, like side overlap front overlap, look at grid cente.on android i on;y see speed angle overlap and face.

Has the extra advanced options also been taken out in the latest 3.20  version of the ios version ?

Why less options, does it work better ?


Hi Kevin,

Our long-term goal is to have the two versions developed in parallel and offer the same functionality on both operating systems. Initially, the code structure was slightly different and diverged at some point to support specific features and hardware. The differences between the two applications have not been listed so far.

I would advise you to have a closer look at our supported drone if you have not chosen your mobile os yet between Android and iOS.

Most of the features are common to the two versions of Pix4Dcapture. Indeed on the two apps, as you mentioned, you can select:

  • The tilt angle of the camera.
  • The way you want the camera to look, nadir or at the center of the grid (face setting on Android and look at the grid’s center on iOS), - The percentage of overlap.
    Note that for Android, only the frontal overlap can be selected, the side overlap is automatically calculated so that it is the closest as possible to the frontal overlap.

From a user perspective, depending on the needs for their projects, it is important to consider that the possibility to set a custom camera is only available on iOS and the possibility to import .kml/.kmz file is only available on Android for the moment.


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Thanks Gael all is good, i will go and see how it works out.

What is the reason that * .kml files are only available to Android users? It is a very helpful method for large projects to plan the individual missions. I also do not understand why the single missions within a project, as it is in Android, is not possible in IOS. The requirements of the users are all the same, why not the same functions in both apps, for ios and android systems?

Hi Christian,

As explained in my comment above, our long-term goal is to have the two versions developed in parallel and offer the same functionality on both operating systems. There are different technical and non-technical reasons that lead the two applications to be slightly different at the moment but we work to put both iOS and Android version of Pix4Dcapture to the same level especially for important features.

However, we can not give any release date and currently we suggest to use the version of Pix4Dcapture that will fit the best your needs.



I have trayed the version IOS but i didn’t found where we can make more mission plan in one project. In Android there is avaible with the button"+" but in Android with the latest version I didn’t found.

It’s possible ?

Thank and bests regards



Hi Jérôme,

On the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture, it is not possible at the moment to make several missions in one project. I will share your feedback with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement this functionality in the future.


Cuáles son las características técnicas de un android para hacer una misiomisión exitosa con una nave plantón 4 pro .yo cuento con un Samsung j7 y tengo la dificultad de no establecer conexion

Hola Niky,

En caso de que tenga problemas con Pix4Dcapture, le sugerimos que siga todos los pasos descritos en nuestro artículo de basic check and troubleshooting. Resolverá la mayor parte del problema que pueden encontrar los usuarios.

Recientemente abrimos una categoría en nuestra comunidad en español, le recomendaría publicar sus preguntas allí en el futuro.