[Desktop] Does a custom resolution slow the processing time?

I started a project processing several days ago with a custom resolution of 1.5 inches per pixel (3.81cm/pixel) and it seems to have increased my processing time significantly. Previously I was used the automatic setting with a multiple of 1x GSD which was somewhere between 1 and 1.5 cm/pixel for a project that was a bit larger (3600 photos versus the 2600 used for the auto setting). The processing time for the project with 3600 photos took around 3 days. Currently I am only in step 2 of the project with 2600 photos and it has been 4 days. The only other difference was that my output setting for accuracy was 0.08 ft in the 3600 photo project and 0.02 ft in the 2600 photo project (since I needed a bit more accuracy).

Does the custom resolution slow the processing time?

Or alternatively is there something else going on that I should look into?

Is it the accuracy setting the thing that is slowing my processing time? If so, how can I maintain accuracy and decrease my processing time?

Hey Nicholas, 

The processing time depends on many factors, such as:

  • your hardware configuration,
  • the processing options used and
  • the dataset
  •    which is defined mostly by the number of images of your project, the resolution of the images and how many features are found in the images.

Since the processing depends on many parameters it is hard to estimate the processing time and there is no formula to calculate it precisely.


Please note again that with a different project but the same number of images, with the same computer configuration you could obtain different processing time.

For example, the image content has an effect on the processing time. The more keypoints are found on the images the more time it will take.

Note that it is possible to reduce some options to generate less 3D points to speed up the processing. However, depending on the project, it can lower the accuracy of the results: