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Densified Point Cloud Location

I have a project that I originally processed through the cloud and have exported to desktop. I want to remove some of the points from the point cloud as there were extra photos/areas that I threw in the online processing that I do not need for my final product. When I turn on my densified point cloud it does not show up over the original point cloud, but off in space kilometers away. I cannot draw a polyline between the two areas, they act like they are still directly connected. Any thoughts? Or reasons why this may be? TIA

Hello John,

Could you please attach here some screenshots of the rayCloud indicating the issue you are facing and the PDF quality report of the project?
To better understand the situation, could you please clarify your workflow?
You process a project on the Pix4D Cloud. Then, you download the results and open the project on the desktop. The densified point cloud appears far away from the project area.
You do not import any external point cloud, right?

What is the output coordinate system of the project?
Which version of the software did you use to process the project?



Thank you for the response, please see the answers to your questions below.


  1. Uploud to cloud
  2. Export to Desktop
  3. Reassociate images in desktop
  4. Open rayCloud viewer
  5. Import GCPs and set the coordinate system
  6. Check the box for Densified Point Cloud

No importing of external point clouds done.

Output Coordinate System:

  • Coordinate System: NAD83 Alaska Z1 (+12.961m)

Software Version:

  • 4.2.26

Hello Brady,

Could you please install the latest stable version (4.2.27), which can be downloaded from here:

In the 4.2.26 version, there was an issue with the conversion of the unit (meter-feet) for the vertical coordinates. This was fixed in the 4.2.27 version. Please let me know in case you are facing the same problem with this version.