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2 pictures for matching - points don't appear in densified point cloud


I’m processing some historical imagery and don’t have a lot of 3+ image overlap, most is 2 image overlap so I switched the matching setting to 2 images and processed. 

After processing though I’m not seeing the 2 image overlap points in the Densified Point Clouds layer. I see all the 3+ still.

When I look at the LAS file though all they are there. Is there a way to force a view refresh to reload all the points?


Hi Steven,

I guess this is the option you used:

In the rayCloud we only display points visible/matched on at least 3 images for the Automatic Key Points.

For the Densified points, we display all generated points. 

Could you post a screenshot of the densified point cloud as seen in the rayCloud and as seen in an external viewer (las file).

We need to further investigate to troubleshoot this issue!
Thank you!

That’s correct that’s what I did. I decided to reprocess in a different project though and this time everything loaded correctly, so it appears to have been an isolated issue.


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Glad to know the problem is solved :slight_smile: