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Deleted points show up in video export

Hello everybody,


There is something that keep annoying me deeply: after multiple tries, I still can’t manage to export a video where deleted points wouldn’t sometimes show up in the video, sometimes for quite a while (10 seconds or so…).

Is it something that someone already experienced too, and is there any solution/workaround to prevent that from happening?

I’m using a 4.1.21 version licence.


Thanks by advance for your time and support!



Hi Thomas, 

I was able to reproduce the problem and have reported it as a bug to our developers. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! 

Hey Thomas, 

We have released a new Preview version where this issue has been fixed. You can download it from here



I am having the same problem, currently on Version 4.2.27. Not fixed?

Hello Fredrik,

This issue has been fixed and the bug fix is included in the 4.3 preview version, which you can download from here: