create and move multiple annotations at the same time

Hi, I use Pix4D fields for field trials.

The first request would be for a quicker way to create annotations in a plot grid. Right now I’m drawing one then copying, then drag and drop and it’s quite slow. I’m talking to a client who has thousands of plots per field so the current method would be too slow.

The second request is to be able to select multiple annotations and move as a group. Right now when I transfer a grid of annotations to a new map using a shape file, the new map is slightly off due to gps error. I then have to move them one by one into place on the new map, but it would be much easier to select all of them and move them all at once, thereby keeping their position relative to each other.


Hi Eric,

Thank you very much for your feedback, we are currently investigating a solution for this as we are aware it’s really important. Hope more people express their interest here too.