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Annotation Fields rather than just a description field

I am needing to add annotations to be exported to ArcGIS. Creating the annotations is not the problem but we need multiple fields to put in specific asset data. Currently with PIX4D it only has a description field so when we import it into ArcGIS it comes out as 1 line. We need them in individual fields.

Below is how it turns out in ArcGIS. All the asset information sits in the description field, so I would have to manually cut and paste this out and into the correct fields within ArcGIS.


Below is how we need it to come across, as you can see each has its own field.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Barry,

Actually when exporting annotations from the same annotation layer and from the same type (point, inspection, line or surface), they will merge into one shape file.

For example I have create two layers (One in Blue one in red) of annotations for which I have created many points, inspection, lines and surface. Then I exported the two layers:

Then we can see that all points from different annotation layer have merged into one single shape file. 

Hope this will help.