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Contours from edited point cloud

Is it possible to create new contours from the edited point cloud? I tried re-generating contours after some editing of the point cloud and it appears to be the same.

Great question. I would really like to know if this is possible as well.


You can generate the contour lines from the edited point cloud. What you have to do is to assign all the points that you don’t want to generate the contour lines from to the delete class.

The contour lines are generated from the DSM, so you first need to generate the DSM only from the edited point cloud.

  1. Assign all the points that you edited to the delete group. For more information:
  2. Run Step 3. The DSM will be generated from all the points except the ones that are in the Delete point group.
  3. Generate the contour lines by clicking Process > Generate Contour Lines. For more information:

This is more a workaround solution at the moment. If you already edited the point cloud and created multiple groups you probably don’t want to assign them all to the delete group. We will pass your query as a suggestion to our product management team so that they can see if we can implement a better workflow for a future release.



Does anyone know if they have fixed this?

I have an edited point cloud with multiple groups containing points.  Can I create contour lines from only one of the groups without having to put all the groups in the Deleted group?