Contour overlays in Pix4D Fields

An aspect of field efficiencies leading to crop health is drainage issues within a field. I have both Pix4D mapper desktop (& cloud applications) and have recently started using Pix4DFields. On analysis of a field I always produce separate data capture of 20MP RGB images for photogrammetry purposes for ortho, DSM and contour creation (done at beginning of season, bare round) and secondly the multispectral data throughout season, (which also captures RGB, but poor RGB).

From Pix4D mapper my ortho data can sometimes show drainage issues (lines across field & areas of soil rather than crop) , and when combined with contours and DSM it is easier to evaluate.

When I then look at my multispectral data, and see poor health over areas, on looking at DSM and contours I see these areas are slightly on higher ground. I have have to keep switching from Pix4D Mapper to Pix 4D fields. So I have a couple of questions: -

  1. Can I import my Pix4D mapper contours & DSM into Pix4d Fields?
  2. The surface model in Pix4D fields is a DTM rather than a Pix4Mapper DSM, I understand why and I presume the crop growing in a field will affect the dsm model. But ability to see a DSM or import one to use the split screen in Pix4DFields would be useful.

Please advise.

James Braid
Sky-Pin Drones Ltd


Glad you are using PIX4Dfields.
1- You can import the DSM in PIX4Dfields as .tiff, go to the PIX4Dfields project, click Import, and Import GeoTIFF. You could try importing the contours as annotations maybe, if they are in Shapefile, but you should check if it worth it.
2- PIX4Dfields generates a Digital Surface Model, (ground +plants). You could import the DTM from PIX4Dmapper as I mentioned in first place.