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displaying contour in overlay with dtm & create vector(point feature) file

Dear Team,

                        We want to display the contour in pix4D itself which is need to  be overlay with DTM, or DSM.


And also need to option to collect topo (POINT) feature like electrical post, trees, and other existing feature to capture in pix4D and export to shape files.

Kindly reduce the file size of ortho, DSm, and point cloud. Handling big data into other software is very difficult

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Hi Nishala,


While some of the requested features do not exist at the moment in our software, we would like to thank you for taking the time to address them. I will transfer this to our product management to be evaluated.

As per the size of the outputs, please note that you can always opt for lower resolutions or density of your generated results which will directly impact their size. 




Hi Nishadh, 

Can you describe your current workflows in more detail? Also what happens before and after Pix4D software, e.g. what third party software you use, what are the final deliverables you give to your client, etc… This will help to understand what we need to develop to better serve your needs. Examples are always helpful.