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Digitizing for topographic map

What is the best way to create a topographic map from orthomasaic images?

  1. Do I need to use new polygon in create on rayCoud? (see the attached file)

  2. If this is the case, what about circles and arcs?

  3. Is there any tutorial materials (video or help file) on digitizing for a topo map?

  4. Can I add contour lines on aerial photos in Pix4D? (I know I can generate and export them.)!

Thank you.

Hi @bradleyl,

What do you mean by topographic map?
DSM? DTM? A point Cloud? Contour lines?
Here are listed all outputs:

The polyline that you are pointing on your images is mostly used for measurements.

What are the circles and arc you are talking about?

I recommend you to go through our knowledge, video academy for general knowledge on the software.
However, I would to point out that Pix4Dmapper is not a software meant for vectorisation but for photogrammetry.
You might be interested into our coming product:

You cannot display the contour lines or aerial images (except the orthomosaic) in Pix4Dmapper.
For that we recommend to use a GIS software such as QGIS.