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Automatic DTM and Contour lines

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to make the contour lines directly out from de Auto DTM (beta), using just Pix4D.
If not, are you planning to make this improvement on a near future?
So far I´ve been making the “step 3” twice, once for the DSM + Ortomosaic (save it on a diferent folder) and an other for the DTM + Contour lines.
This takes too much time time and has not much sense if there is an independient tool that makes the DTM…
I know we can use GMapper or Arcgis to do it, but the countour lines aren´t as smooth as Pix4D.
Thanks Jose.

Hi Jose,

Unfortunately at the moment Pix4Dmapper can only produce one DEM output at a time during step 3, either the DSM or DTM according the point classification. They are then used to derive the corresponding contour lines.

What you could do to save time, is to first run step 3 to obtain your DSM (and contour lines), orthomosaics, and index map based on the surface.

Then the second time you run step 3 to get your DTM (and contour lines) you make sure to discard all other outputs.
See processing options of step 3:

Therefore you would only run the DSM algorithm twice, and you will not spend time in computing the orthomosaics and index maps twice.

Obtaining both the DSM and DTM at the end of step 3, i.e. computing the two models simultaneously would require to apply the same processing algorithm in parallel. But this will not necessarily mean that the computation time will be divided by two and this will depends on your computer resources.

So far this is not implemented but we have passed your suggestion to our product development team and they will consider it for future version of the application.

Best regards,