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Problem with Generated Contour from DTM.


Good Day,

I’m having a problem with our DTM and generated Contours.

Gonna give you an example…I processed a 15 Mission Plan came from a dji drone (either phantom 4Pro or Inspire 2) and there was this exported DTM (already have a something like shadow of a boundary line from previous flight) and I generated the contour from it by using Global Mapper software, after generating the contour I saw some anomalies within. I did a Rematch and Optimize, even the Reoptimize as well but nothings changed.

How can I fix this kind of problem? Because honestly, I encounter this many times already and some remedy I did was just adjusting it from CAD/Civil 3D.

Hope you can help me with this soon as possible, coz lot’s of project are coming in our company and if this still going to happen the work flow will make us slow.



Best Regards.

JM Sontillanosa

UAV Pilot, RASA Surveying & Realty.



Hi JM,

Have you tried to generated contour lines with Pix4Dmapper?
In the processing option you can select to generate of the contour lines:

Otherwise, if the quality of your contour lines is not optimal, you can improve the DTM by manually edit the point cloud (by disabling noisy points) and then generate the DTM:

As you are a Global Mapper user I recommend you this article:

Hope this will help to improve the quality of your projects,