PIX4Dfields 2.0 now available - Satellite data & improved P4M performance

Hi everyone, with satellite data PIX4Dfields is now more versatile then ever before!

You can now import Sentinel-2 imagery in with all 10 spectral bands, this opens completely new use cases, like NDWI water stress mapping for your crops! The merge of :small_airplane:drone and satellite imagery :artificial_satellite: has finally come! Now current field data is just a click away.

We also improved the band alignment for DJI P4M drone, for better results with the fast processing option.

Are you ready to learn more about your fields? See the release in full: PIX4Dfields hybrid satellite drone mapping

For in-depth technical information read: Sattelite data in PIX4Dfields

New features

  • Satellite data import: Enhance your mapping experience with Sentinel-2 satellite data.


  • Histogram and histogram equalization enabled for DSM layers.
  • Support for imported annotations with holes.
  • Improved band alignment for DJI P4M on fast processing pipeline.
  • Display names of layers as map overlays in split view.
  • Support for Sony Alpha 7R IV (FE 24mm F2.8 G lens).
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