Confirmation email not send

I never received a confirmation email after creating my account. When I try a resend, then a message says it failed.

Hi Martjin,

Thank you for sharing this issue.

Our system shows that the account activation email was soft bounced back.

Soft bounces typically indicate a temporary delivery issue. While there are many reasons an email address may soft bounce, these are some common reasons this could happen.

  • Mailbox is full (over quota).
  • Mailbox is inactive.
  • The recipient email server is down or offline.
  • The domain name does not exist. This could be caused by a typo in the license email. Could you please double-check this? If there is a typo, please send a support ticket using this request form:
  • Email message does not meet the recipient server’s anti-spam requirements.
  • Email message does not meet the recipient server’s anti-virus requirements.

For the last two reasons, please contact the IT in your organization/company/school if you work in an IT-administrated environment. Please ensure to whitelist this email address which we use to send the confirmation email:

I hope this information helps.

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)