Confimation email not sending

Hi! I’ve downloaded Pix4dcapture on my iPhone but i’m not getting the confirmation email for my account (I’ve hit resend a couple times already). I have checked the spam folder but it’s not there either. Please help!



Hi Josefina,

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I saw in the email log files that you need to activate your account.
An email was sent yesterday with the subject “Activate your Pix4D account” to your company email.

Please could your check again in your inbox.

Have a very nice day.

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Hi Heydi,

Thanks for answering! I’ve just checked again but haven’t received any email. Could it be that the server automatically blocked it? It’s not in my spam folder either.

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Hi @jsoler,

This could be the issue because the email has been sent!
I confirmed your account.

Let us know if you have any issues.


Thanks Nikoleta! I can log in just fine now.
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