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Circular mission for 90m high monument


i have never done a circular mission before and was asked to do it for a huge monument (so called Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig). The mission area is about 100m x 100m. Can anybody recommend heights in which i should fly to capture the complete monument? Is it correct that i can not change the vertical angle? When i plan the mission in the capture app the startpoint is always at the same position. Also when i rotate the mission. Can i change that?

Thanks for your help


 Hi Martin,

The camera angle (tilting) always points to the ground at the center of the orbit (point of interest POI). You need to define this POI in DJI GO (4). Then, according to the flight height, the app will automatically adjust the angle at which the drone takes the pictures with respect to the POI. The higher you fly, the closer to the vertical the camera will point.

For high buildings, I would recommend to make several orbits at different altitude to have a more robust reconstruction (for instance, three circular flights).

The starting point is above the home point on the ground, which is where the drone was turned on and acquired satellite signals.

Hope it helps!

Hi Julie,

your explanations helped me a lot. Is there are anything else i need to adjust in DJI GO?


More generally when flying a DJI drone, there are actually some settings in DJI GO (4) to define, like the remaining battery percentage and distance to the home point that will trigger the drone to automatically come back if the connection is lost after 3 seconds (fail-safe).

Apart from that, you can simply start Pix4Dcapture, plan, and fly :).

Hi Martin
I am very interested in your experience with this Mission because i tried circular missions with bog trees
Do you realize your Projekt?

Kind regards
BERND Hoffstedde

Hello Bernd, at the moment it seems that the customer just needs an inspection of the monument. So I am going to make several flights with DJI Go. We can get in contact per mail if you want. Maybe there are same interests…