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Circular area marker

In S&R the probability of a hit usually decrease with the increased distance from a search start point. It would be very useful to be able to get circular markers so we could create search pattern with area calculation as well. Even better but probably slightly more complicated but the ability to make differential area measurements from 2 concentric circles would help when assigning different search teams/means/type.( Ground walkers, K9, aerial survey, etc)

Hi droneab,

thank you for your feedback, we will evaluate how we could support it in future releases.

To help you in the meantime, you could use QGIS with the exported orthomosaic to achieve those calculations. You would set points where your search locations are and buffer those points with the search radius. You could also substract different buffers from each other to get the differential area.

Things to look at in QGIS:

  • use projected coordinate reference system like UTM
  • Create Point Layer
  • Toolbox → Buffer (create circles out of points)
  • Toolbox → Difference (to substract circles)
  • Toolbox → Add geometry attributes (to get the area)