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Circle guide like Pix4Dmapper when click GCP's center

Future Request for Pix4Dmatic.

I want to ‘Circle guide’ like Pix4Dmapper when click GCP’s center.

Best regards.
Seiichi Takayama

Hello @seiichi_takayama,

Thanks for posting your request. Could you give exemples when this “circle guide” helps you? and why the current cross is not enough? This will help us understand what problem we would solve by adding this.

Thank you.

Hello, @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler
Thank you for reply.
When we use ‘Aerobomaker’, one of the most famous GNSS equipment in Japan.

Pix4Dmapper like this.

Pix4Dmatic like this.

Do you understand which is kindness ?

Best regards.
Seiichi Takayama

@seiichi_takayama yes, it is clear now. Thank you for providing additional information and an example. My understanding is that the circle helps to center the marks on round targets. Thereby assuring a more accurate marking. I will add this suggestion to our internal feedback board.

Thanks for letting us know and don’t hesitate to post other suggestions if you have some.

That’s right, sorry my poor English.
Thank you

I concur, just completed a large project in mapper with round GCP’s. Not having the circle would have made the marking much less precise, and difficult.

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