Fly Through Video coordinates

I was trying to make a nice fly around of a house render but its kinda hard to pick spots in a total circle to make it move clean. So wasnt sure if there was anyway in mapper to say I want this center point and just do an orbit ? I have been messing with the actual coordinates to clean things up a bit but wasnt sure if there was some tool to use to just do a clean circle for my fly around ? either internal tool or external. I was toying around with excel sheet to do all the complicated math but figured I would ask first

Thanks for any info

Hi Kevin,
Yes, this is a bit tricky. Unfortunately, there is no tool to simply set a focus point. A strange workaround would be to place a sticky note on the computer screen with a corner as focal point. This can give you a better reference.

HA HA… that is true… get in Nadir mode and use the corners…I’ll get my math expert on this after I try for two hours and give up. On this I mean, making something take in center GPS coordinates and then spit out your corners based on diameter. Then if feeling really fancy have it give you camera angles, which will be the harder part.