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Pix4d capture - GCP/check points

Hello Pix4d team, 

its Harry and I would like to propose a feature on pix4d capture that would be quite useful when setting up the GCPs and checkpoints. 

Could there be an option for GCP and checkpoints optimal position proposal on the map ?

That would help position the groundpoints in the best places possible in order to have a general good georeferencing of the area covered along with a good estimation of its georef quality proposing for checkpoints. 

Additional GCPs can always be placed by the surveyor in regard to the regions of interest in the project but a general GCP and checkpoint estimation while planning the flight and before taking off would be a TOP feature for pix4d capture… 




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Hi Harry,

Thank you for your suggestions! It would be for sure a very valuable feature for our application. In our will to improve the user experience and optimize the workflow, we will definitely consider the opportunity to suggest to the user the optimal GCPs position on the map when planning a flight.


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