Creating circular vectors

Like you can on Pix4D cloud. Would be really useful for say tree crowns

Thanks David! That’s a good idea, I’ll add to our list of future geometry types.

Those would be really useful. Do the same thing like Pix4D Cloud.

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Any news on these appearing in a release soon?

Hi @david3,

Please understand that we can’t provide a timeline for any new feature release. Also note that we can’t ensure we will take into account for implementation of all feature requests, even though we are doing our best to satisfy anyone :slight_smile:.
I suggest you visit the PIX4Dsurvey release notes page, log in with your Pix4D account and click on “follow”. You will be notified of each change on this page.

Hi @david3

We’ve got circles now!

Similar to the cloud, they are created based on a center and a radius, and are always horizontal. How’s it look?


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Going to check it out.