AI image search

When a search is conducted and a missing person description is for example wearing red coat ,
are there any solutions to search a photogrammetry map generated in react . Which might be ( show areas where 100 pixels + are red and clustered together)
Thanks kerry


Thank you for sharing this example with us. We think you might be able to use PIX4Dfields for this, it will allow to play with the bands you have, I assume RGB, and mask out values using the index calculator.

Thanks for the input I’ll try this solution out in the coming weeks
Regards kerry

Hi there
Early trials show some positive results would it be possible to add the pixel histogram to react as it’s a search and rescue license or would you be willing to offer a discount on fields ,as a active lowland search rescue team member I am keen to trial the system in real life scenarios
Regards kerry


Please contact our sales team Talk to sales.

Explain to them your situation to see how they can help you.