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Displaying measurements on screen for use when exporting

Hi there,

I have been a long time user of Pix4D Mapper several years now and is looking at the Pix4Dreact as a implementation for assisting emergency services.

I do love the PDF report print ups but when grabbing the screenshot it would be a great assistance if we were able to display measurements as well on the PDF report or screen grab for use especially in dealing with distances and also for vehicle accident report.

Many thanks

Robert Mathieson
Mathieson imagery (previously Outback Drones)

Thank you for using PIX4Dmapper for several years. Regarding PIX4Dreact, I passed your concerns to our team for future development. I appreciate your feedback.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the feedback. I made a quick test in PIX4Dreact and we display the measurements in the PDF report. See below markers at the end of the report. Could you please help me understand where would you like to see the measurements?