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Ability to produce a rapid "thermal map"

In the product release it was mentioned that on the development roadmap, the ability to process thermal imagery to produce a rapid thermal map would be introduced. This would round out the capability for emergency services using Pix4D React.

Hi Katherine, Thank you for your feedback. It is true, we do have some users requesting thermal processing in Pix4DReact. I have passed on your suggestion to the team. We do not have this in our timeline, however, it is always good to have suggestions from our users so that it can be given some thought. You could also reach out to @Angad_Singh who is the Business Development Executive for emergency services and specifically for Pix4DReact.

Thanks Momtanu

@Angad_Singh Hello there, Being in Emergency Services and having a fleet of RPAS across the state, we would really like to see some further progression of the Pix4D react application such as thermal rapid mapping and also standard emergency services symbol icons to quickly add to the map, such as those used in Australia/New Zealand - refer to All Hazards map symbology here. Would love to get an idea of development plans and what lies ahead…

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Hi Katherine, - Thanks for your input. In regards to the symbols, I have put it in our “ideas” roadmap, and hopefully we can do it, no promises, but it makes sense and its fantastic for us to know about this.

In regards to thermal rapid mapping, we have been getting this request quite a bit, and its a great idea. Internally we have talked about it, but need to put more R&D time towards it because its not as easy as it looks. At Pix4D we want to make sure our products have a high level of scientific integrity, so while we could just stich the imagery with Pix4Dreact algorithms and treat a thermal photo as a regular photo, that would not be scientifically correct. Thermal photo’s represent emissivity from an object, or the amount of thermal energy coming off that location. When photogrammetry is applied, it complicates the situation - so know we are very aware of this desire, and its something I personally want to do, but we need to make sure the science is correct so that decisions made in the real world are correctly influenced. Thanks.

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