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Capture App Face Forward or Face Center

I am looking for information on the differences or advantages of using face center.  I accidentally ran a flight today with the camera set to face center.  This was a duplicate flight of a previous flight (before the face center option) of a gravel pile survey.  What affect will this have, if any on my 3d model and volume calculations?  I have GCPs set from the previous flight that I will be using. 

Does anyone have any information as to when to use this or when not to?


Hi Todd,

On Android for the simple grid mission, the camera can be adjusted to face the center of the grid throughout the flight. All pictures are shot with the drone facing the center of the grid. Note that it only makes a difference if the camera is not nadir, meaning the camera angle is not 90° (vertical).

You could use that option if you, for instance, need to capture information from facades of objects in the area you want to map. Ideally your main point of interest should be in the middle of the grid. It could be a good alternative to circular missions that are not available for DJI drones. We would then suggest to fly low close to the target and to adjust the camera tilt from the settings.

This setting can be accessed from: Home screen > Grid Mission > Settings > Face.


Hello. Tell me, please, for shooting on matinees and children’s lives in a kindergarten, will this lens fit this camera? Another great article here

Hello Margaret,

If my understanding is correct, you would like to make an acquisition using the Face Center option. If, so you can use any drones that support this kind of flight plan. You can have a look at our supported drone and cameras here.