[Grid 2D] Keep drone facing one direction

Hi Pix4D community!

I use Pix4D mapper in grid mode (2D) and i all works fine in classic mode.

Howerver, I need the drone to fly always facing the same direction with a 30° camera angle (with termal camera). For now, as the drone follows the defined grid, it always faces the direction it flies.

Is there a way to keep the drone facing one direction while executing a grid fly?


Hi Sylvain,

Welcome to our community!
The functionality you are describing is not existing for the moment. The drone camera will always face forward in the direction of the flight. In other word, the gimbals of the camera can only be set on the pitch axis, there is no way to set an angle on the yaw axis which is what you would like to achieve.

However, You can select an option in the settings of the mission which is “look at the grid’s center”. As the name states it, the camera will always look at the grid’s center during the mission and it may be a solution for the acquisition you would like to achieve.

There is also the possibility to fly using the Free Flight mode of Pix4Dcapture depending on the drone you are using.