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Capture app can not allow altitude over 100m

I can not setup 150m altitude after app update.

If I setup 150m altitude, drone will not start mission.

now I can start mission at 100m and less. 

how can I have a mission on 150 altitude ?


Speaking for Capture 1.2.0 beta, 150m is still possible.

I test app on galaxy tab and ipadmini

ios is possible, but android is not possilbe.

Hi Daewoo,

We would strongly recommend to make sure that the manufacturer’s app (DJI VISION/GO) is not running in the background especially when after connecting the device to the drone. Also check that this app is not selected as the default app when connecting. If needed (Android only), force the app to stop using the application manager of the device.

Another recommendation would be to check with the DJI app whether any limitation radius (vertical upper limit) is defined that would prevent the drone from flying above 100 meters. It seems like with the latest firmware update of DJI, the user has to double check this setting to allow flying higher than 100 meters.