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Cannot access settings within App.

Recently upgraded to a newer iphone.   It is also my personal phone.    However there are 3 of us in the office that use our drone for data acquisition at various times throughout the week/month/year, all using our personal phones.   Earlier this week I flew a 10 acre site at 300 feet for a 2D map, and the app said there was 330 photos taken.   However when transferring to my desktop, there were only 218 photos.    I was still able to piece together our aerial, but this is a concern when we are gathering data for a 3D model.

So we all discussed settings, and both co workers have the “Auto Download Images When Mission Ends” radio button turned off in the settings.   When I try to access the settings, it only gives me the option to choose the drone we fly with (Phantom 4 Pro V2).   Neither one of them have issues with missing photos, so I’m not sure if that is the culprit or not.   However I still would like to be able to access the settings in the app.     

I have downloaded and re-installed the app twice and my iphone is running the latest software.


So does anyone know why I am getting skips in my photo acquisition, and why I cannot access the settings in the App?


Hi Paul. 

You should be able to access the setting to turn off/on the " Auto Download Images When Mission Ends". There has been no change in any settings. As you have already created the support ticket, we will investigate the issue, and if there is anything that would be helpful for the other user, I will post the finding on this page.