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Camera Selection

Hello, for making the most accurate 3d models of towers and structures which camera in the database is the best? Is the accuracy and detail of the 3d model directly related to the megapixels of the camera? Is there a limit to the amount of megapixels Pix4d can handle? For example, would a camera with 50MP produce a better model than a camera with 20MP? Thanks

Dear Luke

Pix4Dmapper is compatible with any camera, compact, DSLR, large frame and perspective or fisheye lens.


It will depend on the distance to the object, but if you fly reasonably close to the tower, we expect you could get very good results with 20MP. 50 MP would allow you to fly further and still get a good number of features on the images.

If you want to map a tower, you might be interested in this webpage concerning specifically the reconstruction of towers

Please be aware that starting from 41MP, it is necessary to obtain a special addon to treat the images. You can contact for the pricing scheme if this is something that interests you.

Best regards