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Camera distortion

Hey guys, I am wondering why the pre-marked ground control in the images changed and looked different as the original shape? May I know the reason and how to improve it? Since this problem appears frequently in slow and normal flying speed setting.The subject site has many small houses and few parks and playground.
The camera setting is stated as below:
flying height: 55m
camera angles: 45, 80 and 70 degrees
flying speed: slow and normal

Hi Cherry,

This looks like a geometric distortion issue and might be related to the camera angle during image acquisition. Could you attach the quality report of the project, so that we can get a better idea about the image dataset?


Hi Teodora,

Thanks for your quick reply! I used the contextcapture to process the image and create the 3D mesh model and here’s the acquisition report and quality report after the aerotriangulation! But I haven’t added any GCP since I haven’t conducted the RTK survey!

For your quick reference, I used 45 , 70 and 80 degrees as the camera angles and 55m for the flying height! Actually the minimum allowable height for this site is 45m or above since there’s some trees! Are there any suggestion to improve this condition?Block_1 - AT - Quality Report.pdf (1.0 MB) Trial - acquisition report.pdf (158.3 KB)

I thought you processed with Pix4Dmapper, my bad! Unfortunately, I am not knowledgeable of ContextCapture. Maybe other savvy users can help. Good luck!


Dear Teodora,

Actually the image already distorted before I process it in ContextCapture! It is the raw image acquired by the DJI mavic pro with the aid of pix4d. Are there any suggested camera settings i.e. flying height, drone speed or camera angles to acquire images in this subject site as the image shown?