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Camera database issue (iPhone back camera)


I have a project that I created whilst on a trial  / discovery.

I need to generate trimesh and export a couple models from these projects.

When I tried opening the existing project under a licenced version (Model licence), I get an error saying the iPhone back camera (which I used to collect terrestrial images and merged & processed successfully with my nadir and oblique aerial imagery under discovery and trial licenses) is not supported.

Is there a restricted camera database in the Model version of the mapper? if so this is not clear from the product matrix.

I am on a mac running the beta. 


Thanks in advance 

Rob DennisError 

anyone have any ideas here.

If I check the icmdb.xml - there is no iPhone 6s listed it only goes up to iPhone 5

There is another file in the same directory called ucmdb.xml in which there is a single entry… 

<camera name=“iPhone6s_iPhone6sbackcamera4.15mmf/2.2_4.2_4032x3024”>


in desperation


rob dennis

Hi Rob,

There is an issue with the camera database of Pix4Dmodel on desktop if you are processing on macOS. All cameras should be supported but this error message pops up. Please write to so my colleagues provide a workaround for you to be able to process.

Will do Julie, thanks