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Calculating best volume for fruit tree 3d shape

I am trying to find the best method for calculating accurate volume for fruit trees. The measurement will be based on the leaf canopy area. When I do the analysis in P4D mapper using the most dense point cloud based on drone photogrammetry, all volume is calculated from a “pile” shape but trees taper in at the bottom.
Attached is where I am at with it. I have raised the altitude to reduce the “pile” interpretation of the shape.

I can also remove the ground layer and only have the 3D tree canopy surface but I can’t see a way to measure it.

Does someone have a solution for me please.

Hello Marcus,
The best way for you to calculate the volume of just the canopy would be to set a custom altitude for the bottom of the canopy. This will create a flat plane for the bottom of the volume calculation and then everything above will be considered a cut. To set the custom altitude select the gear icon in the volume box and set the custom altitude which would correspond to the bottom of the tree foliage.