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Calculate Volumes



is it possible to calculate an accurate Volume when the storage (gravel) lays on a slope (also gravel) and i would like to calculate this slope with in the Volume?

In my calculation the computation always goes vertically down.

Thank you!


Hi Dennis,

Could you have a look at the post Volume vertices and give a try to the suggestions that my colleague Blaž listed in the comments?

Let me know in case you need anything else!




I have this needed:

calculate a volume about a Pix4DMapper project.

We are using the Pix4D APIs to create and run a project on Pix4DMapper cloud.

My question is:

is there some APIs to upload a .geojson file and get the volume of an area?

Thank you very much


Hi Michele,

Please check our answer under the second post you added on our Community APIs calculate volume.