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APIs calculate volume


I have this needed:

calculate a volume about a Pix4DMapper project.

We are using the Pix4D APIs to create and run a project on Pix4DMapper cloud.

My question is:

is there some APIs to upload a .geojson file and get the volume of an area?

Thank you very much




At the moment we don’t have an API for this. All the volume calculations happen directly in the browser in the Pix4D web applications.

I’ll pass your request along to the teams here and we’ll see what we can do.


All the best,

Hugo Campos

Hi Hugo.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Can I ask you, if it is possible make it with the server application (using some SDK)?


Thank you

Unfortunately it’s not really possible to do it in any way with Pix4D.

We are looking into it and we’ll see with the various product owners whether this is something that can/should be prioritized and when.

Thank you very much