Calculate all volumes button or Volumes calculate automatically on import


Feature request is for either the implementation of automatic processing of the volume on a volume annotation, or an option on the layer alongside import, export ect to calculate all volumes within the layer.

Use case:
We have a site with 70+ stockpiles that we monitor monthly. Each flight we import the volume annotations from the last flight (GeoJSON), then have to click each one separately to recalculate the volume. Then export them all as CSV to do a volume change comparison with the previous flights data. Then use this to highlight unexpected change as a starting place to recheck boundaries and site changes.

Clicking through all 70 can easily exceed an hour, sometimes this also causes the system to bug and some of the volumes wont calculate even though the button was pressed. (adding more time to the process)

Also please have the GeoJSON export and import the setting for base surface (Triangulated, Custom and level, lowest etc)

I can provide a link to Pix staff privately.

Kind regards,