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Bridging Photogrammetry to CAD

Would appreciate seeing pipelines described how to relate photogrammetry mapping deliverables to engineering plans for construction projects. Have had several jobs asking to provide project as-built info for comparison in AutoCAD to engineering designs. Am fairly sure I’m not doing it as well as it should be done.

Have found bits and pieces of answers via searches here and in the Mapper manual. Getting photogrammetry mapping results expressed in land-survey coordinates with accurate elevations was a challenge all by itself, but I can do that reliably now.

However, getting mapping deliverables into a CAD-useful file for comparing against design topography and features has been more challenging, especially since I don’t have AutoCAD to experiment with. It’s easy enough to overlay contours on an ortho-mosaic, and it makes a good visual, but it’s not useful for CAD unless I digitize contours manually.

Thanks for your patience/time……………… Bob R.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your feedback and for openly expressing your concerns. Pix4D does provide helpful articles that explain the workflows necessary to export photogrammetry outputs into CAD software: How to import Pix4D outputs to Autodesk.

You might also want to try our Pix4Dbim Cloud, which allows CAD overlays to be placed on top of the orthomosaics. The good news is you do not need an Autodesk license for this. If interested, please contact our sales team for more details.

Hope this helps.