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Boresight Calibration


I was not able to calibrate my system to obtain boresight values.

Does Pix4Dmapper compute corrections or accounts for the boresight misalignment?

Thank you,


Hello Robert,

May I ask how the images were acquired?
Do you have a screenshot of the issue or the steps that you followed and what exactly is happening?



They were acquired with a fixed wing and a medium frame camera.

I am not having an issue, I am just asking: How does Pix4Dmapper deal with boresight calibrations/misalignments?

Thank you

Hello Nikoleta,

Will you be able to help me?


PIX4Dmapper can optimize the orientation of the camera during calibration. If you are using GCPs then the data should still be able to get a good degree of accuracy depending on how severe the inaccuracy of the orientation is.

Let me know if that answers your question.